Forest Enchroachment Increasing

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Forest encroachment has in creased significantly over the last two years according to the National Forestry Authority (NFA) Law Enforcement Specialist of the National Forestry Authority (NFA), Godfrey Acaye.
According to Acaye, the number of forest encroachers on national forest reserves increased from 180,000 in May 2005 to more than 230,000 encroachers' to date. According to Acaye, the worst affected reserves include Lowunga forest in Kiboga, Gurama in Kibaale, Mata in Bundibugyo district and all the central reserves within the urban areas.
The National Forestry Authority was established in 2004 by an Act of parliament to help conserve forests in the country.
But Acaye says the operations of NFA have been thwarted by political interference. He says that it has become difficult to evict the encroachers from the forest reserves.
Acaye said in some cases, officers of the National Forestry Authority who have gone to enforce evictions have been kidnapped and even threatened with death.
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