Former ADF Rebels Ask Government to Support Them Acquire Formal Education

According to Wilson Maguniha Wilson one of the reporters most ex-combatants in the region experience difficulties in reading and writing.
The group who met OWC and Amnesty Commission members are asking government to support them acquire formal education

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Ex- combatants in Rwenzori Region want the government to support them to enrol on adult learning programs. 

They say that most of them are illiterate, which has affected their day-to-day implementation of government-supported economical activities.   

The groups put out the call in their meeting with officials from the Amnesty Commission Uganda and the Operation Wealth Creation-OWC in Kasese District. 

Wilson Maguniha, one of the reporters, said that most ex-combatants in the region have trouble reading and writing. 

He said many have taken on small-scale businesses but their management is proving difficult due to limited ability to write.

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Cue out: …babateke omumasomero.”//   

Jorolinaha Ithungu from Kasese says she has no basic formal acknowledge and this has hindered her capacity to manage her saloon business.  

She asks the government to introduce adult literacy training centres in local communities to help those willing to study.   

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Amos Kibaya says the lack of formal education means that they are unable to facilitate and monitor their activities properly.

He wants the government to consider paying their schools fees and help them with money to start bigger income-generating activities.   

The Coordinator Amnesty Commission Uganda for the western region, Ronald Ssakatawa says their efforts to support the lives of ex-combatants have largely been frustrated because the majority of them are illiterate. 

He says the commission has no mandate to support them acquire formal education and asks local governments in the region to design programs that can cater for this category of people.    

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The community development officer-CDO of Kisinga Sub County in Kasese district has asked the ex-combatants to embrace the national adult literacy program.

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