Former Division Headquarters in Arua Turned into Covid-19 Management Centre

Due to the increasing cases of the Covid-19, the health department opted to request to use the structures to establish offices and also Covid-19 management centre.
Former Arua hill division Offices that has now been handed to Manage Covid19 Surge.

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The former Arua Hill division headquarters has been turned into a covid-19 management centre.  Last week, the City health department recorded a spike of 194 positive cases in a spate of five days.

Since the creation of Arua City, the former Municipality Divisions of Arua Hill and River Oli were merged to form the Central Division with headquarters at former Oli while the headquarters of the former Arua Hill Division were not utilized leaving the structures abandoned.

However, due to the increasing cases of the Covid19, the health department opted to request to use the structures to establish offices and also Covid19 management center.

Alice Akello, the RCC Arua City said the lack of space for both the health officials and vaccines has made it difficult to manage the new surge of Covid-19 in the City. Akello adds that congestion in the City Council area has made the spread of the pandemic more eminent requiring adequate space to manage Covid19 cases.  

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Jackson Atima the MP Arua Central Division said since the headquarters of Arua Hill have been idle, it is important to take health issues with the utmost responsibility and secure the lives of the people from the deadly pandemic.  

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Khamis Muzaidi the Mayor Arua Central Division said he cannot look on as the people suffer from the spread of the disease due to lack of adequate space that’s why he has directed the health department takes over the former Arua Hill Division offices to manage the Covid19 pandemic.  

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Khalsum Abdu, the Secretary for Social Services Arua City said with the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the City, the former Arua hill division structures will help in providing adequate space and also help to save the already abandoned structures.

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 According to a preliminary report from the City Health Office, more than 200 positive Covid-19 cases have been recorded in the last five days.