Fort Portal City Mayor, RCC Disagree on Garbage Management at Kabundaire Market

The sight of garbage which includes rotten pineapples, oranges and mangoes dumped all over the place is common.
16 Nov 2021 18:23
Situation at Kabundaire Market in central division Fort portal.

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The Mayor Fort Portal and the City Commissioner have disagreed management of garbage at Kabundaire Market.

Last week, Rogers Mbabazi while addressing Fort Portal City leaders said that if the sanitary conditions at Kabundaire market are not improved, he will close the market due to uncollected garbage.  The sight of garbage which includes rotten pineapples, oranges and mangoes are dumped all over the place.

Mbabazi also blamed the city authorities for failing to collect and remove garbage that is stinking in the area.   He also accused the vendors of continuing to litter. He says that since the market is located in the centre of the city they ensure it is kept clean every day.

//Cue in Nimanya Baine excuses Nyingi… 

Cue out: so we can act Now”//

The garbage is littered everywhere in the market and has caused a heavy stench. Huge heaps of filthy and deserted rubbish have been common in the market for nearly two years and have continually become a burden to the environment, health and sanitation in the City attracting sharp criticism from the community.

However Edison Asaba Ruyonga the Mayor of Fort Portal City has disagreed with Mbabazi saying that he should have first consulted the leadership in the City.

Ruyonga says they are doing a great job at Kitere landfill to enable create space for the garbage that is in Kabundaire market and so far the work is at 80% and soon the problem will be solved.

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Herbert Kaihura the Fort Portal City Principle Engineer said the garbage landfill at Kitere is filed up and can’t accommodate extra garbage. He says that there are plans to expand the landfill.

Kaihura says that there are plans to buy more land in North Division to create a separate landfill.

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