FUBA Cancels Basketball League

In an interview with President FUBA, Nasser Sserunjogi says that except for Afrobasketball qualifiers, the other competitions will not take place.
City Oilers and Betway Power in action

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The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) has cancelled the National Basketball League (NBL) season due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  

The 2020 Basketball league season for both National Basketball League (NBL), Division one and Development league was supposed to start in March but was halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In May, the Federation had announced plans to have each team play half of the total number of games.

However in an interview with the President FUBA, Nasser Sserunjogi except for Afrobasketball qualifiers, all other games will not take place.

He says they cannot keep the players and the teams waiting and spending money when there is uncertainty.

Sserunjogi also said that among the sporting activities, basketball was rated as one of the most high-risk sport. He adds that they sent Standard Operating Procedures to the government, but they never received a response.

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In their statement, FUBA also says that all contractual issues between the club and the players will be handled according to the contract laws of the country. FUBA also stated that the FUBA will use this period to plan for a clear roadmap for the 2021 league.

This season, the teams only took part in the Uganda Christian University Invitational that was hosted and won by UCU Canons.

This month, the National Basketball League resumed with all teams playing in one central residential location, Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida.

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