Gen. Muntu Launches Modest Presidential Campaign

He pledged to institute a National Health Insurance System as well as low cost housing in the city that will deal with slums.
09 Nov 2020 19:04
Gen. Mugisha Muntu speaks during his presidential campaign launch in Makindye, Gogonya

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In contrast to the pomp associated with other big presidential candidates as they launched their campaigns and manifestos for the 2021 general elections,  the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) contender Gen. Mugisha Muntu has chosen a modest launch for his electoral battle.

Muntu today launched his presidential campaign in Makindye and Rubaga Divisions all found in Kampala Capital City.

At Makindye-Gogonya, our reporter observed local ANT flag bearers make preparations hurriedly to host the presidential candidate. A weak public address system was planted that attracted a small crowd mainly consisting of women and children.

The site was hardly recognizable as a party venue due to the scanty branding compared to other candidates who have elaborate out-door campaign branding materials. The event looked more of a ground set for a local candidate and not presidential contender as most of the attendees wore party T-shirts bearing names of the Lord councilor aspirant.

On arrival at the venue, Winnie Kiiza the Chairperson of the ANT campaign Task Force told a crowd of over 200 people that three of the public address systems they had hired were confiscated. Without giving details why the address systems had been confiscated, Kiiza appealed to the crowd to elect the party flag bearers to ensure better education and health systems. 

Luganda //Cue in: “okutuka wanno microphone…

Cue out:…nga omuntu.”//

Gen. Muntu appealed for trust from the population saying that once in office; he would guarantee the interests of the people.

English //Cue in: “I am not…

Cue out:…buliwa, ANT.”//

The Presidential candidate said that things like money and power that have intoxicated other leaders are all under his feet since his proposed leadership is value driven.

English //Cue in: “I can tell…

Cue out:…trust in us.”//

He pledged to put in place a National Health Insurance System as well as low cost housing in the city that will deal with slums.

 “We have started our campaigns in Kampala because it is the heart of the country. It has a big population. Any work in regard to Kampala should have started a long time but this has not happened and it means that any new leader should work day and night to ensure that there is a system of solving the current problems like flooding, youth unemployment, poor housing and congestion on roads,” said Muntu.

English and Luganda //Cue in: “abafuuzi abalina obuvunanyizibwa…

Cue out:… for National Transformation.”//

Muntu added that he had built a trust legacy over the years through his service in the army as a commander of the national defense forces  where he laid and maintained accountability systems until the time he left.

“Trust me and by God’s grace we shall liberate this country, build it, and uplift it so that there is fairness and transparency. If you want to see the level of development of the country, look at the orphans and widows, the most lowly people…where the level of livelihood is…that is where we want to be measured, not by roads, dams, power, skyscrapers but the level to which we intend to lift the lives of orphans and widows, the impoverished,” he said.

Gen. Muntu continues his campaign tomorrow in Kawempe and Central Divisions of Kampala.    

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