Ghosts Mingle With Acholi War Debt Claimants

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The list of war debt claimants from Acholi sub region has been haunted by ghost claimants.

The ghost claimants are being blamed for the delay in compensating the genuine claimants for the livestock they lost to government soldiers during the 1986/89 war.

Richard Todwong, the presidential advisor in charge of northern Uganda, says President Yoweri Museveni is concerned that the list submitted to his office was infiltrated by hundreds of ghost claimants and appears inflated.

Todwong, says that the president has ordered for a verification exercise to sieve out the genuine claimants from the chaff.

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But Norbert Adyera, an executive member of the Acholi War Debt Claimants association, says the list of war claimants was not inflated. He says that in fact some people have not yet registered to be considered for compensation.

Previously, Government offered to pay 120,000 shillings for each of the cattle that were lost during the 1986 to 89 war.

Adyera adds that the projected amount from the 0ver 200,000 animals amounts to 1.4 trillion shillings, an amount he says the government ought to pay to the claimants who number over four thousand.

A court case about the demand has been put on hold until June 24 to allow an amicable settlement between the sides.