Government Plans Plastic Surgery for War Victims

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Government plans to provide plastic surgery to Hundreds of people who were maimed during the Lords Resistance Army rebel insurgence in Northern Uganda.

Richard Todwong, the presidential advisor on Northern Uganda, says that he was given a task by president Museveni to register all people who were disfigured and in need of plastic surgery and artificial limbs.

Todwong says more than 1,800 victims of war have so far been registered in the Acholi sub region. Those registered include people who lost their limbs to landmines, cut lips and those who need medical surgery to remove foreign objects.

Todwong says that some people complained that several relationships broke up after one of the partners was either maimed or disfigured in war.

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Besides registering the victims for assistance, government also hopes to produce the victims as evidence in the traditional justice system against the LRA rebels, should the Juba peace talks adopt the Mato Oput mechanism to punish the offenders of the war crimes.

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