Gov't Asked to Reimburse Basketball Team

The Uganda Basketball team led by the Federation of Basketball Association (FUBA) borrowed 100,000 US Dollars to with the hope of being reimbursed by Government.
The Ugandan Basketball team

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Parliament has asked the Ministry of Education and Sports to avail funds to the Uganda Basketball team for the FIBA Afrobasket. 

The Uganda Silverbacks defeated Morocco 77-65 to qualify for the Afro basketball championship. The games will be held from 24th August to 4th September in Kigali, Rwanda.  

Parliament has now directed that over 100,000 US Dollars (350 million shillings) borrowed by the Federation of the Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) to send players to the qualifiers should be reimbursed.

Parliament led by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among also directed that over 177,000 dollars be availed to send the silverbacks team to Rwanda. Before going to Morocco, the team was financially crippled when the National Council of Sports-NCS revealed that they did not have funds to facilitate the National Basketball team in the qualifying games. 

However, FUBA was forced to acquire a loan of 100,000 United States Dollars to facilitate the team's participation in the qualifiers.   

Santa Alum the Oyam district Woman MP tabled a motion to pay tribute to the Uganda National Basketball Team the Silverbacks and the Under-16 team. She called for more support towards the sport including the construction of basketball courts and provide funds for the teams.

She said that the girls' team dropped out of the ladies’ category simply due to a lack of funds.

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Cue out:…money has not yet”//  

Godfrey Kayemba the Bukomansimbi MP says that it is unfortunate that the government is congratulating the Silverbacks and yet it did not provide any support.

Vice President Jessica Alupo said that the President will support the basketball team.

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John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education said that they will look for possibilities of facilitating the team.

Among directed that all money borrowed by the Federation be refunded. She also directed that the Ministry should come with a statement on Tuesday if the Silverbacks will be funded for the next games.

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