Gov't Yet to Fulfill Pledge to Bududa Landslide Victims

The State Minister of Disaster Preparedness Musa Echweru said the government will give each of the survivors 500,000 shillings.

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Survivors of the Bududa landslides have faulted government for failing to fulfill its pledge.

Last year, landslides hit the villages of Namposhi, Namasa and Shihururwe in Bushika Sub County leaving many people dead and several others displaced.       

The State Minister of Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru told the victims that government will give each 500,000 shillings as burial expenses.

However, the victims are accusing the government of not fulfilling the pledge. They argue that some of them acquired loans to bury their relatives.

Grace Nabutuwa, who lost 12 of her family members, said that she was compelled to acquire a loan from one of her relatives to enable her seven children.    

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Gerald Fungo, the chairperson of Namasa village appealed to government to honour its promise.

“People are living a very miserable life to the extent that host families are feeling overburdened yet if government had given these families this money they would be able to have a fresh start,” Fungo said.      

Martin Owori, the Commissioner of Relief and Disaster Preparedness in the office of the Prime Minister says that they are still processing the funds.

“We are aware of it but the process of getting the money is slow but soon next week we are sending a team that will deliver the package to the district and all the victims will get their money,” Owori said.    

Samson Natsabwa, the Bududa District Deputy Chief Administrative Officer appealed to government to offer more support to the victims noting that the families have run out of food and other basic materials.   

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