Gulu Loan Defaulters Forwarded to Museveni

Gulu Co-operative Savings and Credit Society has forwarded a list of defaulters loan defaulters to the presidents office for action.
The list of 38 defaulters include top NRM party mobilization officers and security officials.
Tony Kitara, the SACCO Board chairman, says his office wants the intervention of the president and that of Micro-finance Minister Salim Saleh, to help recover 78 million shillings from the defaulters.
Kitara explains that they received the money under the Prosperity for all Programs following a directive from President Yoweri Museveni last year. He said however that some of the borrowers mistook it to be the president's token of appreciation for their support during the 2006 presidential campaigns.
Kitara explains that the money in the hands of the defaulting borrowers is steadily crippling the SACCO.