Habib Buwembo Elected FDC Flag Bearer for Rubaga South

In the elections held on Tuesday, delegates voted Buwembo with 49 votes against Nakanwagi’s 4 votes.
13 Oct 2020 19:26
Habib Buwembo-s supporters carrying him in jubilations after his victory-1

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The Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party has confirmed Habiib Buwembo as the flag bearer for the Rubaga South Member of Parliament seat.  

This is after Buwembo’s rival Grace Nakanwagi refused to stand down following a request by FDC party officials.

In the elections held on Tuesday, FDC delegates voted Buwembo with 49 votes against Nakanwagi’s 4 votes. Buwembo was declared the winner by the party EC commissioner in charge of electoral affairs Richard Kudheba. 

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Last month, the party’s electoral commission vetted both candidates.  A team was dispatched to the constituency to examine the strength of each candidate and Buwembo emerged the winner.

However, Nakanwagi petitioned the party's Electoral Commission and the top leadership, contesting the vetting process. This forced the party officials to conduct primaries.

Rubaga South is currently being represented by Kato Lubwama, whose election in 2016 is being challenged by Buwembo over his questionable academic documents.

Buwembo said although the process has been that long and hectic, he expressed gratitude to his supporters for the trust given to him. He, however, said that he will reach out to all FDC supporters in the area.

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