Hailstorm Destroys 40 Permanent Houses in Nwoya

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Over 40 households in Okura village Alero Sub County in Nwoya district are in dire need of food relief and temporary shelter after heavy rains and hailstorms destroyed their houses and several acre's of food crops.

The heavy rains with hailstorms fell for close to 47 minutes on the afternoon of Wednesday.

Following assessment by the disaster committee of Nwoya district yesterday, it was concluded that 40 permanent and 3 semi permanent ones were destroyed by the hailstorms. 

The loss also included 20 chicken that were killed and crops destroyed that covered  3 acre's of cassava, 8 acre's of rice, 6 acre's of sesame and 5 acre's of peas.

Paul Okeny, the LCIII chairperson of Alero Sub County in Nwoya district says the report will be discussed in the disaster committee meeting before sending it to the office of the prime minister for assistance.

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Denis Otim a victim of the disaster says two of his houses were destroyed.

Patrick Okello Oryema says they are also carrying out assessment on the floods that have ravaged the district in recent times so that they send a comprehensive report to the Office of the Prime Minister for assistance.

The district has been receiving torrential rain in recent past rendering several people homeless but also destroying acres and acres of food crops in the gardens.