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Heaps of Garbage Build Up at Kasenyi Landing Site :: Uganda Radionetwork

Heaps of Garbage Build Up at Kasenyi Landing Site

Kasenyi landing Site in Katabi Town Council, Busiro South Constituency, Uganda Abubakari Mugoma residing next to Kasenyi landing Site, says as neighbors of the Site, they collect money to hire trucks to take away cabbage that has almost covered the loof of their houses. But the landing site under the management of Bukoni Farmers, continue to put more, which under minds their sanitation efforts.
22 Feb 2021 14:11
A heap of garbage near a residential area
Heaps of garbage have built up at Kasenyi landing site in Katabi Town Council in Entebbe Municipality in Wakiso district to an extent of spreading to residents homes. “We want this garbage removed. We wrote to Kasenyi landing site and its management seven times in 2019 and two letters in 2020 but nothing has been done,” said one of the residents. 

The resident, who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity, wondered why garbage is collected and kept for so long, making a hill to the extent of falling back into their houses. He went ahead to advise the top management of Kasenyi landing site to hire trucks to remove the garbage to save the people who reside in this area.

He explained that they petitioned the management of Kasenyi landing site to hire a truck to clear the garbage in vain. Abubakari Mugoma says that people running businesses at Kasenyi landing site, they often collect money to hire trucks to take away the garbage but surprisingly the management of the landing site continues to dump garbage in the same area, which undermines their efforts.

“We collect money as neighbours together with those managing businesses at the site. We bring trucks to take away garbage that has overwhelmed us but still the management of Kasenyi landing site continues to bring it back in a way that belittles us,” said Abubakari Mugoma.  

Ramadhan Kigozi, the leader of fishermen and business operators at Kasenyi landing site told URN that residents have complained severally to the management of Kasenyi landing site but nothing has been done. “Residents have complained to that in-charge of Kasenyi landing site, but it is ten years now without removing the garbage,” Kigozi said.   

Speaking to Hajji Mbabali, the manager of Kasenyi landing site says they often remove the garbage. “We have always tried to remove the garbage but people keep on adding more, adding that some rubbish comes from the lake,” he said. The Katabi Town Clerk, Paddy Kakumba has not yet commented on the matter as he couldn’t be reached by the time of filing this story.

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