Herdsmen Raise Concerns over Cattle Thefts in Bunyoro

Cattle thefts have been rampant for the past three months in Buliisa, Hoima Kikuube, Kiryandongo and Masindi districts.
Cattle in Kigwera village Kigwera Sub county Buliisa district.

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Herdsmen in Bunyoro sub-region have asked police and leaders to find a solution to the rampant cattle thefts in the area. 

Cattle thefts have been rampant for the past three months in Buliisa, Hoima Kikuube, Kiryandongo and Masindi.  

The farmers blame the police and District Veterinary Offices for not doing enough to curb the vice.  

They allege that the officials issue cattle movement permits without verifying the owners of the cattle.

Sam Ntambara, a cattle farmer in Buseruka sub-county Hoima district who lost 30 herds of cattle between November and December argued that some farmers are now forced to sleep in the kraals to protect their animals.

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James Mugume, a cattle farmer in Kigwera village Kigwera sub-county Buliisa district says the act is likely to increase poverty and discourage people from rearing cattle. He blames police for releasing known cattle thieves from custody. 

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James Barurusi , a herdsman in Kiryandongo district demands for intensified police patrols and check points to curtail the thefts.

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Francis Rukondo, a resident of Kina village in Kyangwali sub-county Kikuube district said his six cows, each valued at 900,000 shillings were stolen last month. 

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Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson says that some workers are conniving with the cattle thieves.

He also blames cattle farmers for negligence, saying they leave their animals to stray into people's gardens, where they are sometimes stolen.

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Statistics at the Albertine police criminal investigations department indicates that between October and December more than 100 cows have been stolen from the region.         

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