High Fuel Prices Push Fishermen at Kahendero Landing Site Out of Business

Nelson Musobozi, owing a boat at Kahendoro landing site say they are making no longer making any financial gains from the fishing business since the fuel prices rose past 5000 shillings.
27 Jul 2022 11:29
Ready fish for sale at Kahendero landing site, the fishermen are decrying the raising fuel prices

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Fishermen at Kahendero landing site on Lake Edward in Kasese District are running out of business due to the increasing cost of fuel.

There are 48 registered boats on the landing site with each boat licensed to have at least three fishermen on board during fishing, but currently, there are 30 active boats at the landing site.

The fishermen note that the main economic activity has been threatened by the high fuel prices with now a liter of diesel at 6,800 to 7,000 Shillings up from 5,000 at the end of last year.

The liter of engine oil has also increased to between 10,000 shillings and 12,000, up from 7,000 Shillings last year. 

This has forced fishermen to buy the oil in small portions deepening the amount of fuel they are putting into their engines.

Nelson Musobozi, who owns a boat says that say they no longer reaping big from the fishing business. He adds that despite the rising fuel prices, Musobozi says that the fish prices at the landing site have remained the same since the beginning of this year. 

“We are using a lot of money to buy fuel and you find you are using between 80,000 and 90,000 shillings on fuel a day and at the end of the day you have less catch than what you invested in,” Musoobi said.

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 Musa Alayi a fisherman, says that a number of fishermen have docked their boats and he may do the same if prices don’t reduce.

“…we are going to leave the business and sit home, otherwise we are asking the government to find solutions,” Alayi said  Rutooro byte

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Edward Baguma another fisherman said he sold the total catch of fish at 100,000 shillings after spending 80,000 shillings on fuel, leaving him with nothing to take home.

Richard Mwesige, another fisherman who has been in the fishing business for the last five years wants local leaders to set up vocational schools in the area so that they can acquire skills and find alternative sources of livelihood.

He argues that some fishermen plan to abandon the fishing business due to low returns.

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Peter Businge, the Chairperson Kahendero landing site says that without addressing the high fuel prices, a number of youth will be left jobless.

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