Hoima District Engineer Sent on Forced Leave

Without divulging details on what could have been behind the forced leave, the Hoima LCV Chairperson Kadir Kirungi says Ssentamu has been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations into a number of issues.

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The Hoima District Engineer, Julius Ssentamu has been sent on forced leave. He is accused for allegedly misappropriation of funds and not following due diligence on three construction projects.  

Without divulging details, the Hoima LCV Chairperson Kadir Kirungi says Ssentamu has been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations into a number of issues. 

“When you look through his record he had taken 5 years without going on leave which is not healthy. We thought it wise for him to go on leave so that he recuperates because he was committing mistakes that we thought might have been caused by his failure to go on leave, “Kadir explained.

The forced leave, according to Kadir allegedly started in late December.   In one of the incidents, Kadir says Ssentamu was instructed to buy 100 bags of cement for a certain district project but only 50 bags were purchased. He adds that Ssentamu failed to account for the other 50 missing bags, which stalled the project. 

//cue in:” The Engineer was…

Cue out:…Only 50 bags.”//

The CAO Anthony Lukwago says that they are also investigating Ssentamu on three projects being implemented under the Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP).

It focuses on components of infrastructure, environment, livelihood and project coordination, to support and develop refugee-hosting communities in districts experiencing a high burden of refugees.    

The three projects were meant for Nyairongo and Kamwokya Primary Schools in Hoima and Kikuube districts respectively.     

Lukwago said at Nyairongo primary school, the engineer is accused of recommending for the award of the contract yet the evaluated Bills of Quantities (BOQs) had issues.     

He said in the process, the contractor abandoned the site citing inadequate funds.

The contractor was persuaded by Ssentamu to come back and yet as a trained engineer he is ideally supposed to go through the BOQs and if there are discrepancies he raises a red flag a thing he did not do.   

The scope of the work included construction of 2, 3 classroom block complete with water harvest equipment.   

Lukwago said the contractor was supposed to provide two steel water tanks of 10,000 litres but Ssentamu quoted 500,000 shillings for the two tanks which can’t even buy a plastic tank. 

“We tasked him with explaining but he seemed not to have a good answer. Maybe when he comes back from leave he will be rejuvenated to give better answers,” Lukwago explained.    

At Kamwokya Primary school in Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube district, although the facilities were in use, the base of the water tank was not firm enough and when the tank was fitted, it almost fell off.

The project scope also included provision of 2 steel water tanks, lightening arresters, a two stance pit latrine for boys and another five stance pit latrine for girls.