Hoima Residents Demand for closure of Municipal Abattoir.

Located in Kiryatete in the central Business of Kahoora division Hoima Municipal, the abattoir is in sorry state compromising the quality of meat supplied for public consumption.
The current status of Hoima Municipal Abattoir located in Kiryatete in Kahoora Division .

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Meat consumers in Hoima Municipality are demanding for the immediate closure of the Municipal Abattoir due because of its sorry state.

Located in Kiryatete in the Central Business District of Kahoora Division in Hoima Municipality, the abattoir is in a sorry state, which compromises the quality of meat supplied for public consumption. 


Uganda Radio Network visited the abattoir and discovered that all slabs where slaughtered animals are skinned have cracked. They hold blood, which attracts flies leaving a strong odor. 

The abattoir lacks standard hangers for slaughtered animals and logs for holding the meat before and after it is weighed. Close to 30 cows are slaughtered at the facility on a daily basis.  

Each cow taken to the Abattoir to be slaughtered is charged Shillings 2000. Norman Ntaro, a meat consumer in Hoima town, says the state of the Abattoir has forced him to forego eating meat. 

  He says the abattoir lacks drainage channels, which forces water to mix with animal waste. 


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Godfrey Kutegeka, a butcher at Hoima central market, says there is need for the construction of a modern abattoir with deep freezers to store meat safely and provide shelter for health inspectors.     

He says the current status of the abattoir is not up to the standard of a municipality. He wonders why the Municipal Authorities have kept a deaf ear to their continuous pleas to redevelop the abattoir to modern standards.     

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Ibrahim Kalifan, another butcher says due to the status of the abattoir, most hotels and companies have stopped buying meat for fear of consuming contaminated meat.    


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Moses Komurubuga, another resident says the stench, flies and animal waste have become unbearable. He wants the Municipal Authorities to act quickly to save the situation. 

  David Kyasanku, the Hoima Municipal Town Clerk, says they don't have sufficient funds to construct a modern abattoir.  He says they are still waiting for the batch 2 of USMID funds to construct a modern slaughter slab at the facility.   

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Samuel Kisembo, the Hoima Resident District Commissioner-RDC has threatened to order for the closure of the facility should Hoima Municipality fail to renovate it immediately.   

He says as government, they cannot sit and watch people consuming contaminated meat because of the sorry state of the abattoir. 

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In 2015, Hoima Municipal council acquired a piece of land measuring 2 acres in Bulera in Mparo division for the construction of a modern abattoir. However, work has not started due to lack of funds.  

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