Hundreds Turn up For Rotary Health Camp in Fort Portal

28 May 2022 22:42
Medics attending to patients at Ibaale health centre II during the Lugogo mango tree health camp in fort portal

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Over 500 people have turned up for the Rotary health camp organized by Lugogo Mango Tree Rotary Club at Ibaale health centre II, Ibaale ward in central division of Fort Portal.

The health camp intended to prioritize maternal and child health during the current Rotary family health days targeting the vulnerable and underserved communities in the city.

Justine Isingoma, one of the beneficiaries says she had a persistent severe back pain problem however she could not afford to buy medicine but was diagnosed and offered treatment during the health camp.

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William Murongo, a patient suffering from diabetes, told URN that he was able to secure medication which is key in managing diabetes after several futile attempts at the Fort Portal regional referral hospital.

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Monica Murungi, the Ibaale health unit head says the camp has enabled the facility to get enough drugs which has been a major challenge to the unit.

Murungi also commended the Rotary club for connecting power to the facility. She says the power will enable the health centre to preserve vaccines instead of returning them to Muchwa health centre III after every vaccination exercise.

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Engineer Richard Kasozi, the president of the club said the camp intended to help beneficiaries, especially women, to see doctors for consultation on a number of illnesses affecting them and the children in the area.

Kasozi says Rotary has prioritized maternal and child health to complement government efforts in addressing the prevailing challenges like antenatal care, postnatal care, nutrition among other services.

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Steven Muhenda, the Fort Portal acting city educator said the camp has helped the facility access power which has not been the case before.

Now Muhenda says the city health office will be delivering to the facility a brand new refrigerator and a microscope in a bid to boost service delivery.

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