I Will Appoint Both Young And Old In My Cabinet-Museveni

A story from Museveni\'s press conference in Rwakitura
Just hours away from being sworn-in for a forth elective term of office, President Yoweri Museveni told journalists yesterday at his Rwakitura home that the new cabinet line-up will include both the young and old cadres of the NRM party.

The president said his consideration of who joins or remains on the cabinet will depend on one’s support of the NRM’s party ideology and not their age. He said that the age of a person does not determine how they perform.

Museveni's swearing-in is slated for Thursday May 12th and is expected to name a new cabinet next week.

Museveni was reacting to recent remarks attributed to the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Luke Orombi, advising him to appoint more young people in his new cabinet. Orombi reportedly argued that young people are more creative and blessed with fresh ideas to run the country.

Orombi’s advice came amidst anger in the country with the manner in which some ministers, especially those in Internal Affairs, have handled events during the riots. 

During the media briefing, Museveni again refused to discuss whether he would start discussions to leave power within the next five years of his leadership. He said arguments by some people that he has over-stayed in power cannot arise because his party and the majority of Ugandans have voted for him freely.

The president said the same arguments came up during the recent campaigns but were rejected by the voters who turned him back into office.

He said that if Ugandans do not want him to continue staying in power then they should have voted him out. He said the rampant riots, demonstrations and tension as he swears in tomorrow are being fanned by desperate members of the opposition whom he promised to defeat.

The president said his first emphasis will be to ask the new parliament to amend the constitution and put in place stringent bail conditions for those who riot and engage in economic sabotage.

Other crimes that he said should not be easily bailable include treason, rape, defilement and murder.

The president ruled out any plans to share power with Besigye saying the majority of Ugandans voted for the NRM manifesto and not that of the opposition.