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Imam Clobbered To Death During Noon Prayer :: Uganda Radionetwork

Imam Clobbered To Death During Noon Prayer

Saidi Isma, an eye witness says the thugs stormed the mosque from a nearby banana plantation with a big sack.
Unidentified assailants have killed Sheikh Ahamada Kyegena, the Imam of Jamiat Islamia Mosque in Namungalwe Sub County in Iganga District. Kyegena was clobbered to death with a hammer while prostrating during the afternoon prayer today.

Saidi Isma, an eye witness says the thugs stormed the mosque from a nearby banana plantation with a big sack.  “I thought they were fellow worshipers who had come for prayers but I was shocked to see them heading straight to where the Imam was before they hit him with a hammer on the head,” he said.

According to Isma, the remaining Muslims in the mosque scattered to different directions for fear of being attacked by the assailants. There were about 12 Muslims in the mosque by the time of the attack. Kasimu Bukonko, the LC I chairperson Bulumwaku village, suspects the attackers trailed their victim before they decided to attack him at the mosque.

He wonders why the Sheikh could have been killed saying he was a humble and reserved person. “We don't know the motive as to why these people could have taken away his life because he was loved by people in the area,” he said. Isma Kuluya, the LC 3 chairperson, Namungalwe says the killing of Sheikh Kyegena has triggered panic and fear among residents.

He asked police to investigate the incident to bring the killers to book. Nassibu Nditta, the Iganga District Police Commander, says they are holding one suspect in connection to the killing. “We believe there is a big group of people who could be behind this attack. Disclosing the identity of the suspect will spoil our investigations into the matter “he said. Nditta is not the first Muslim leader to be assassinated in the country. 

Several Muslim leaders were shot dead in the past. They include Sheikh Abdul Rashid Wandera, the former Imam Bilal Mosque in Mbale Town, Hassan Kirya, the Spokesperson of Kibuli Muslim Faction, Mustafa Bahiga, the former Kampala District Amir, Sheikh Abdul Karim Ssentamu and Doctor Abdul Qadir Muwaya, the top Shia Leader in Uganda.

Several Muslim clerics include Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the leader of Salafi Muslims in Uganda were arrested and are facing trial in connection with the killings. However, the suspects have maintained their innocence.

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