Irregularities Mar NRM Party Register Display Exercise in Sheema

In Sheema NRM party loyalists turned up to check on their particulars on the register in vain.
The created books in Kazo as voters registers

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The NRM party members register display exercise in Sheema and Kazo Districts has been marred by missing names.

In Sheema NRM party loyalists turned up to check on their particulars on the register in vain.

The aspirants now argue that the names of their supporters have been deleted and replaced with new ones. The most affected Sub counties, Kitagata, Itedero and Kabwohe town council.

David Kamukama, a contestant in Sheema Municipality says there are a lot of illegalities being done the party registers witnessed with an outright alteration of names. He says that his supporters could be turned away from the polling stations because their names cannot be traced on the register.

//Cue in: “outright interference of…

Cue out: …and free election.”//

Dickson Kateshumbwa, one of the NRM party contestants in Sheema Municipality who has been accused of interfering with party register refuted the allegations. He says that he has been a member of the NRM party and holds a party card which qualifies him to be in the register.

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Moses Kangume, the accused Kazo registrar, refuted the allegations of tampering with the registers. He however assures the voters and aspirants that their concerns will be addressed.

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Anthony Mugarura, a resident of Itendero cell, says his name was deleted and never given a reason why.  He wonders whether the party secretariat can organize free and fair party primaries. 

"The fact is my name was deleted and no reason was given to me I have been in that register for over 15 years why I was removed I don't know,'' he said.

Dr Tanga Odoi, the Chairperson of the NRM party Electoral Commission, says that all registrars should scrutinize the registers and allow those who were deleted to vote.

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Cue out: …deleted to vote.”//

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