Irregularities Mar Relaunched Livestock Restocking Programme in Luweero

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Section of residents lead by James Mubiru a resident of Nyimbwa Sub County complain that the cattle that were intended to uplift the poor people were instead given to local councilors and local leaders who already rich.
Minister Ndoboli Kataike handing over a cow to LC 5 Councillor Zenar Nasur.

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Irregularities have marred the newly launched livestock restocking programme.

In December 2014, Luweero district received Ugx 506 million from Luweero Triangle Ministry and decided to spend Ugx 250 million on livestock restocking in areas that were affected by National Resistance Army war of 1981-1986.The programme also aims at boasting household income and community development through cattle rearing.

Imran Mukiibi the secretary for finance and planning says that so far since beginning of  January 2015, they have managed to give out 122 heads of cattle to farmers in four sub counties that include Butuntumula, Kalagala, Zirobwe and Nyimbwa.

Mukiibi says that in past financial year 2013-14 other sub counties that included Luweero, Kamira, Makulubita and Kikyusa received cattle. The beneficiaries are expected to pass over calves to other farmers.

He adds that they hope if they get another funding  from the ministry,the programme will be rolled to other  five sub counties and town councils in next financial year.

However the local leaders and residents are skeptical that the project will create intended impact over various irregularities in giving out heads of cattle.

Section of residents led by James Mubiru a resident of Nyimbwa Sub County claim that the cattle that were intended to uplift the poor people were instead given to local councilors, leaders and theirn friends who already rich. They cited LC 5 councilors Zenar Nasur and Abdul Kalemera who were first beneficiaries in Nyimbwa Sub County.

Frank Nyakairu the Chairperson of Nyimbwa Sub County blames the mess on district authorities and also  complained lack of transparency in buying heads of cattle given to farmers. Nyakairu says that they are fears that even some heads of cattle are not in calf heifers as alleged by district officials.

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Abdul Nadduli , the Luweero LC 5 chairman, says that he has received information some people have evenm been given more than one head of cattle by registering more than once.

In some sub counties, there have been people who got the cattle and could not look after them. They are reportedly searching for buyers.

Sarah Ndoboli Kataike the Minister of state for Luweero Triangle says that she is aware of challenges and through office of Resident District Commissioner they will arrest the accused persons.

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In 2008, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries distributed hundreds of heads of cattle to farmers in Luweero  under the livestock restocking exercise.The beneficiary farmers were expected to pass over calves to other farmers for the continuity of the program.

However, the first beneficiaries of the program declined to pass over the calves to other farmers and other sold them. Disregard for the rules of the program was blamed on lack of supervision by district authorities and lack of strict measures.