Isingiro District Secures Funds for Constructing 21.4 Kilometres of Community Roads

The two projects are Kyebikara- Buharwe-Butenga and Kyera-Rwecwera Kitooma roads in Kagarama and Nyamuyanja Sub counties both roads connecting to Birere Sub County and have been contracted to Net world construction Limited, at 1.4 billion shillings.
Minister Bright Rwamirama Commissions the construction of 21.4 Kilometers of Community Access roads in Isisngiro district

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Isingiro District through the Agriculture Cluster Development Project -ACDP, a project under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has secured funds for constructing 21.4 Kilometers of community access roads.

The two projects are Kyebikara- Buharwe-Butenga and Kyera-Rwecwera Kitooma roads in Kagarama and Nyamuyanja Sub counties. Both roads connect to Birere Sub County and have been contracted to Net World Construction Limited, at 1.4 billion shillings.

The projects are expected to be completed in five months.

Martin Paul Yiga, the Chief Administrative Officer says the projects are intended to support farmers in increasing production and access markets more easily.

He says the project that started in only 10 sub counties of the district in the financial year 2018 has since been expanded to cover the entire district since Isingiro is more of an agricultural district.

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Yiga says the money that is received under the component of matching grant also gets a small contribution from framers groups through the E-Voucher noting that farmers have contributed 623 million shillings while government has contributed 1.2 billion shillings.

He says 14 farmer groups from the three sub counties contributed to it.

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The Commissioner, Agricultural Extension and Skills Management, Dr. Opolot Henry Nakalet, says the objective of the project is to enhance value addition and market access, by supporting farmer organisations to improve post-harvest handling and processing.

He says the funds also target the rehabilitation of rural access roads critical for the movement of farm produce to markets however, the resource envelope is small to cover the entire district.

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Adnan Matovu a farmer in Katanoga and a member of Katanoga Farmers Association says he has been making 150,000 shillings monthly because farmers had poor access to his plantation but with the road opened and well-constructed he expects to make 400,000 shillings.

He says vehicles have been failing to reach their plantations and they have been spending between 1,000 and 2,000 depending to transport bananas a bunchto the road.


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Serinah Kembaga, a ground nuts farmer says with their community road constructed she is going to set up a stall by the roadside and sell at her convenience and make more.

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Musa Kyatuka, a banana trader says he was carrying only three bunches on his motorcycle which has cost him on fuel but now he uses the same amount of fuel when he carries 15 bunches.

He appreciates the construction of community roads that are to improve on the access of markets.

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State minister for Agriculture Bright Rwamirama says the project doesn’t focus on the maintenance of roads but addresses other challenges like quality agricultural inputs, fertilizer, and helps farmers on harvesting and post harvest handling.

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