Isingiro LC V Chairperson Arrested

Police have arrested the Isingiro district chairperson Jeremiah Kamurali on charges of inciting violence. According to Ivan Nuwamanya, the Rwizi regional police commander, Kamurali is wanted for inciting people to attack refugees in Nakivale refugee camp and grab part of the land that they occupy.
Jeremiah Kamurali in his office early this month.

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Police have arrested the Isingiro district chairperson Jeremiah Kamurali on charges of inciting violence.

Rwizi Regional Police Commander Ivan Nuwamanya says Kamurali was wanted by police for inciting locals to attack refugees and grab part of the land in Nakivale settlement camp.

The arrest is in connection with an incident on February 9 when residents from the sub counties of Kashumba, Rushasha, Rugaga, Ngamara and Kabingo Town Council turned rowdy, blocked Kabingo-Rugaaga road adjacent to the camp main offices and uprooted all sign posts erected by organizations operating in the refugee community.

They accused government of failing to demarcate the right boundaries separating Nakivale Refugee Resettlement Camp land from that of the locals, leading to land-related conflicts.

Nuwamanya says the district official has been in hiding since then. Today, he was trailed from Mbarara and arrested from Isingiro town.

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Cue out:….shall become refugees.”//


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Cue out:….emishango eyi ara.”//

Kamurali's arrest brings to 24 the number of people arrested in connection to the incident, including two local leaders. Rugaga Sub County Chairperson, Matthias Tushabomwe, had earlier been arrested.

At the time of filing this story, Kamurali had been brought to Mbarara police station where he was set to record a statement.

On the 3rd of November 2016, Kamurali was arrested for defying an ongoing animal Quarantine. His arrest came at the peak of disagreements between politicians and technocrats in the district over a partial quarantine that had been put in place 10 years ago to contain foot and mouth disease.

With the disease incidence subsiding, a group of politicians led by Kamurali mobilised locals to start the sale and movement of animals.

Kamurali claimed that the technocrats were benefiting from the quarantine.   

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