Isingiro Residents Reject Borehole Construction

Despite the fact that residents of Isingiro suffer from of lack access to clean water, they are opposed to the construction of more boreholes to provide water.

Isingiro District has earmarked shillings 700 million in the new financial year to sink boreholes and improve water harvesting to ease the water problem.

Anna Asiimwe, Isingiro Chief Administrative Officer says that the money will be used to sink boreholes and put in place infrastructure for water harvesting.

But the residents claim that water from boreholes in the district is contaminated with heavy minerals and salt, which is a big threat to their health.

Kenneth Bishanga, a resident of Ngarama Sub-County says that most of the residents in his areas don't use water from the boreholes.

He says that instead of investing in boreholes government should try other alternatives of supplying clean safe water to the district.

Evaresto Bainomugisha, who is from the hilly Kabuyanda sub county, warns the district not to waste money on sinking boreholes because they will not use them.

In the 2009/2010 National budget the Minister for finance said that water harvesting in the country has reached 65%.

She said 385 rain water harvesting points had been constructed in Isingiro, Mbarara, Bushenyi and Kabale.

In this financial year National budget, no money was allocated for extending clean water services to Isingiro.