Islanders Blame Illegal Fishing Operations, Long Lockdown for Low P6 Turnup

In some Kalangala Primary Schools URN visited on Monday, the turn up of semi candidates has been very low, at about 10% what it was before the break out for Covid-19 holiday.
Students assembling for instruction at Kibanga Primary School. Photo by Samuel Nkuba

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The reopening of schools for semi candidates on Monday was a big disappointment in the Kalangala archipelago, with some schools registering a mere 10 % of the expected learners turning up.

In some Kalangala primary schools URN visited on Monday, the turn up of semi candidates has been very low compared to registered number of students before the break out for Covid-19 holiday. 

In Kibanga Primary School, 16 pupils out of 106 managed to turn up, in Kinyamira only 6 out of 26 turned up. At Kasekulo Primary School however, a 'record' 20 out of 30 turned up. 

In most Schools on the Islands, the turn up has been quite low and parents have blamed it all on illegal fishing operations that have cut off their earnings. 

The parents say they are still stranded as their main economic activity of fishing has been interrupted by the operations against using illegal fishing methods. 

The parents now say they can no longer earn enough since many were earning by using the fishing methods now described as illegal and being cracked down on by the military.

//Cue in:"Ogwasokera dala byenyanja..

Cue out:..wange tuula awo:"//

The mentality of the children who have grown up during Covid-19 pandemic holidays has also impacted on low turn up. 

Parents from Lutoboka told URN that now their children see themselves as grown up beyond the classes theyr were in when schools broke off a year ago.  

Some parents also claim that they fear the spread of Covid-19 among children if they return their to the schools yet Government will not treat them if they happen to get infected. 

//Cue in:..Jukira Covid akyaliyo..

Cue out:..tajja kudayo kusoma:"//

Meanwhile, teachers all the same started teaching the few students that have turned up for classes yesterday. 

Tusubira David, a local teacher, says classes have already kicked off under strict observance of the ministry of health Standard Operating Procedures. 


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