Jinja Magistrate Arrested Over a Bribe

Okwiti Otudu, Jinja grade II magistrate is in trouble for receiving a bribe.

Okwiti was arrested yesterday for receiving a bribe of shillings 200,000 to release grant bail to Emmanuel Sembule.

Sembule was arrested last month and charged for stealing sand paper worth shillings 1000 from a shop at Spire Road in Jinja.

It is alleged that Okwiti started pestering Sembule's sister Esther Naboline to give him a bribe of shillings 200,000 to release his brother.

According to Naboline, she first gave Okwiti shillings 200,000 but he asked for more money.

Naboline says that she added him shillings 50,000 and another 70,000 before he promised to release Sembule yesterday.

She claims that when she reported in court yesterday, Okwiti asked her to pay another shillings 200,000 before her brother is granted bail.

Naboline says he friend advised her to report the matter to the office of the Inspectorate of Government, which she did.

She says that, Dominic Baru the South Eastern Inspectorate of Government Officer gave her shillings 200000 shillings, and assigned some detectives to follow her in the court room.

Naboline gave Okwiti, the money in the court chambers before the police detectives swung into action and arrested him immediately.

Shillings 667,000 including the 200,000 from Naboline was found hidden in a pile of news papers.