Jinja Residents Reject Construction of Greenhouse at Health Centre

The greenhouse is an initiative of Jinja Municipality, where flowers to beautify Jinja town will be grown.
Ambrose Ochieng addressing local leaders recently, file photo.

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Residents of Walukuba-Masese Division in Jinja Municipality have rejected the proposed construction of a greenhouse at Walukuba Health Center IV.

A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made essentially of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown.

Crops mainly vegetables and flowers are grown under this arrangement that requires irrigation.

The greenhouse is an initiative of Jinja Municipality, where flowers to beautify Jinja town will be grown. 

Groundbreaking for the 16.1 million shillings greenhouse was held on Saturday last week. 

However, residents later stormed the health centre, vandalized the temporary store and stole construction materials. 

They say that, due to the increased population in the area, the municipal authorities should improve the health infrastructure other than introducing new projects on the health centre land. 

Dorothy Nyakecho, a resident of Masese I village says that their area has experienced numerous cases of land grabbing orchestrated by the municipal technical staff.  She says that they can’t allow the authorities to construct a greenhouse at the end of the health facility might result in the same. 

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Ashiraf Kabuye, a resident of Zabef village says that Jinja municipal council used to own a greenhouse but the land on which it was constructed was sold off to real estate developers. 

Kabuye argues that, if the same people managed to sell off the land why should they want to construct another on the health centre land.

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Ambrose Ocheing, the Jinja municipality town clerk contends that they decided on the hospital land because it was not being utilized. He however says that it was wrong for the leaders not to consult the residents about the project. 

Ochieng adds that they had already allocated funds for the greenhouse and if not utilized on time, Jinja risks missing out on the project.

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