Jumia Launches Online Shopping Center in Arua

Alice Akello RCC Arua Delivering an Address during official opening of Jumia office in Arua on Friday

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Jumia, an online shopping enterprise for household, electronic, food and other general merchandize has launched its first offices for the West Nile region in Arua City.

The new office launched on Friday is meant to facilitate customers make orders online and also pick up their items with ease.

The new office launch also follows an increase in the number of customers especially in greater Arua. Speaking at the official opening of the Jumia Offices, Winifred Gimoro Jumia Manager Arua City said apart from making online shopping easier for the people of Arua and West Nile, they have also been able to employ over 30 youths directly as Jumia Force to reach out to more people. 

According to Gimoro, the new Jumia Online Center in Arua will also bring promotional opportunities closer to the people of Arua and West Nile and avail them purchase quality goods from any part of the World and delivered to their doorstep. 

// Cue in; Let’s make use of…...Cue out; earn your commission…." //  

Abdu Khalsum Fadhimullah, the Secretary for Social Services Arua City Council commended Jumia for giving employment opportunity to the youth who she says have largely been idle. She however asked the Jumia team to exercise a high level of trust and ensure timely delivery of the rightful product ordered by clients. 

// Cue in; Arua City is a busy…..Cue out; youths from our region…." //  

Alice Akello, the Resident City Commissioner encouraged the people of Arua and West Nile to embrace online shopping with Jumia adding that current challenges of internet connectivity costs and power outages are being addressed to ensure people go digital with ease.  

// Cue in; This is one of the things that….Cue out; they are not fraudsters…. "//  

Some of the youths who have shopped with Jumia and those who are employed as Jumia Force members with the new order and pick up office in Arua City have welcomed the center.

// Cue in; I used to fear to order….// Cue out; able to get more customers…." //  

Currently Jumia is running a promotion with a 15-percent discount on all items purchased which will climax with lucky clients walking away 32 inch Hisense TV Screen at the end of October.