Justice Kanyeihamba wants Immediate Dismissal of Corrupt Judicial Officers

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Supreme Court judge, Justice George Kanyeihamba, wants corrupt judicial officials, irrespective of their status, to be publicly named and removed from office.
Kanyeihamba, who retires from judicial service this year, said that although Uganda's judiciary is respected for its impartiality, it has failed to address the problem of corruption. In an exclusive interview with Uganda Radio Network, Kanyeihamba said all judicial officers, judges included, must be disciplined for involvement in bribery and other acts of corruption. He said this discipline should be nothing short of immediate dismissal.
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Justice Kanyeihamba said proposals to amend the Anti-Corruption Law are pointless because there is no political support for the existing law. He argues that amendments will not help to stop corruption in Uganda because Parliament, whose responsibility it is to provide checks and balances to the Executive, is not doing its work.
The judge said the failure of Parliament to demand more action against corruption by public officials is cowardly.
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Justice Kanyeihamba said that apart from the challenges of dealing with corruption and incompetence among some judicial officers, his work in the judiciary has been fulfilling. Noting that he has, in the past, been criticized for speaking out about national issues like constitutionalism and graft, Justice Kanyeihamba said he will continue to speak about issues that must be publicly debated for the growth of Uganda.
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Justice Kanyeihamba said he will continue to fight for the respect of human rights for all after he retires.