Justice Minister Otafire Orders Forensic Audit Of Acholi War Claimants Cash

Members of Association have severally accused their leaders and the Gulu district leadership of misappropriating the compensation money. To date, only 16,000 out of the 22,000 members have received compensation money, with many getting less than UGX 200,000.
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Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister General Kahinda Otafire, has ordered for fresh investigations into the corruption allegations against the executive of Acholi war debt claimant\'s Association.


Otafiire says the office of the Attorney General will investigate the Association executive headed Engineer Noah Opwonya before any decision on fresh elections is made.

He says that, President Yoweri Museveni is concerned about the numerous complaints against the executive and wants the matter settled once and for all.


Members of the Association have severally accused Opwonya and the Gulu District leadership of misappropriating the compensation money.


Acholi war debt claimant\'s Association is comprised of people who lost their property and animals during the two-decade insurgency in Northern Uganda.

The victims dragged government to court for compensation, but government opted for an out of court settlement in 2008. However, to date only 16,000 out of the 22,000 members have received compensation money, with many getting less than UGX 200,000.


So far government has disbursed UGX 7.6 billion since 2008. The victims accuse Opwonya\'s executive of corruption and mismanaging the compensation process as they reportedly paid their friends, relatives and top Acholi elites a total of UGX 20 billion each.

The Association also reportedly paid each of the 20 members of the executive UGX 5M to facilitate their work, UGX 200M to run office affairs and over UGX 1Bn to ghost claimants.


The claimants are also protesting the 10% deductions by the association Lawyers whenever Government releases money.


General Otafire, says they have received several complaints against the Opwonya led executive. He says until the association is investigated and a forensic audit conducted, no compensation money will be released.

Aswa MP Reagan Okumu, also the chairperson of Acholi Parliamentary group describes the Association lawyers as parasites. He wants the immediate change of the association leadership, and asked that the beneficiaries be paid directly through their bank accounts.


Henry Oluka, an official from the office of the solicitor general cast doubt on the recent accountability for the UGX 5 Billion disbursed to the association.


Eng Opwonya, is yet to responded to the latest allegations labeled again him and his executive.


However, Opwonya has repeatedly denied all the allegations against him saying those opposed to his leadership are politicizing the matter ahead of the 2016 general election.

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