Kaabong to Use Diplomatic Approach to Recover Stolen Cattle in Kenya

According to authorities in Kaabong, more than 200 cattle were raided by suspected Turkana and crossed into Kenya.
16 Jun 2020 13:17

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Kaabong district will use a peaceful approach with Kenyan authorities to track stolen cattle that reportedly crossed into Kenya. 

Kaabong Resident District Commissioner and Chairperson of the District Security Committee, John Rex Achilla says his office, the office of the District Chairperson and UPDF are using a diplomatic approach with Kenyan leaders from Turkana to trace Ugandan cattle that were raided on Saturday.

According to authorities more than 200 cattle were raided by suspected Turkana and crossed into Kenya.

Achilla says he has asked the Turkana County authorities to help investigate the raiders and help recover the animals.

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The UPDF 3rd Division Spokesperson, Maj Peter Mugisa says that the army has passed on information to their counterparts in Kenya for action.

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Mark Abuku, the LCV Chairperson Kaabong, says that hundreds of cattle stolen by Turkana have never been recovered after crossing into Kenya.

The Saturday night raid on the kraal in Logumasiroi Parish in Loyoro Sub County was carried out by a group of armed Turkana pastoralists. Two people including a civilian and a UPDF soldier were injured during a fight with the rustlers.

Late last year, President Yoweri Museveni and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta met in Moroto and witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding that seeks to end hostilities among the three neighbouring communities.