Kabale Research Center to Clone Apple Fruit Seeds

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The Kabale district Research centre is looking into the possibility of cloning apple fruit seeds, to increase seed production in the district.

Most fruit farmers in Kabale are concerned that the price of apple fruit tree seedlings is very expensive and the supply unreliable.

The Kachwekano research centre manager, Imelda Kasheija, says that most of the apple seeds are being bought from Europe at very high prices. She says a bag of apple seeds costs 700,000 shillings.

Kasheija is convinced that the research center has the potential to clone the apple seeds, in order to boost the seed supply and accessibility.

//Cue in: Kilo of apple seed...

Cue out: ...ordering through internet.//

Agricultural experts however warn that 99 percent of all seeds grown from clones bear fruit that is inferior to that produced by the parent tree.