Kabale Officials Turned Away for Late Coming

Canon Enock Kazooba, a resident of Rubaya Sub County has welcomed the move by the CAO to act on late comers.
Mutungwire bouncing back Kate Kasiisi

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Kabale District Headquarters was a scene of drama this morning when the Chief Administrative Officer, Abert Matsiko Mutungwire decided to lock out several civil servants for reporting late to work. Mutungwire took charge of the main gate at around 08:15am.

He turned away about 98 workers, saying they had reported late for work contrary to Public Service regulations, which require them to report at 8:00am and leave at 5pm. The regulations provide for a lunch break between 12:45pm to 2:00pm. By the time Mutungwire took charge of the gate, only about 30 of the 128 district staff had already arrived in their offices.

Some of the top officials turned away for late coming included the Natural Resources Officer, Rogers Akatwijuka, Chief Finance Officer, Julius Mujuni, Vector Control Officer, James Turyimuka, Inspector of Schools, Ketty Kasisi, Principle Internal Auditor, Lawrence Bitwiromunda, Principal Inspector of Schools, Vastine Beyendera and Senior Land Management Officer among others, Rogers Ngabirano.

Mutungwire says although he delayed the operation by 15 minutes to allow some of the officers to get in, many of them didn't show up.

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Mutungwire conducted a similar operation in July and August last year and turned away over 50 workers for late coming. Canon Enock Kazooba, a resident of Rubaya Sub County has welcomed the move by the CAO to act on late comers.

According to Canon Kazooba, residents are tired of showing up at the district in need of services only to find empty offices. Johnson Baguma, a resident of Buhara Sub County, said the action of the CAO was commendable, adding that most civil servants at the district have a tendency of reporting late and draw government salaries for no work done.

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Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the Kabale District LC V Chairperson, says habitual late coming of civil servants has affected the smooth delivery of services to residents. Keihwa says they plan to introduce incentives to appreciate those who keep time and serve diligently.

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