Kabale, Rubanda Leaders Shun Opposition MPs' Consultative Meetings

Alex Byakatonda, Kabale district communications officer argues that the local leaders were not even aware of the visit by the leaders of the opposition.
Opposition leaders acessing an iron ore depost

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Leaders of opposition members of parliament have left Kabale and Rubanda districts in disappointment after both technical and political leaders shunned their consultative and accountability meetings.  

Opposition MPs led by Mathia Mpuuga of Masaka Municipality, Joyce Bagala of Mityana District, and Abed Bwanika of Kimanya-Kabonera division on Friday visited the Kigezi region specifically the districts of Kabale and Rubanda.According to the program, the MPs had scheduled accountability meetings with Kabale Municipality and district leaders (both technical and political) and later proceed to Rubanda to hold similar consultations. 

They had also planned to visit iron ore mines in Rubanda and Kabale to assess the situation of artisan minors.    

However, on reaching Kabale municipality offices, leaders found the offices closed.

The leaders proceeded to Kabale district headquarters and failed to get any of the local leaders to welcome them.  They opted to hold a meeting with a section of locals at Cephas Inn hotel in Kabale town where they were joined by Wilfred Niwagaba, Ndorwa East MP, and Moses Kamuntu Mwongyera of Rubanda West County. 

Both Niwagaba and Kamuntu are Independent MPs.   Leaders later drove to Rubanda district where also none of the local leaders gave them attention. The MPs were only able to meet Artisanal miners at Nyakyonga iron ore mining in Kamuganguzi sub-county, Kabale district, and Calistus Rubaramira, Bishop of the Kabale diocese.    

Speaking to the media last night, Mpuga described the local leaders as cowards in terms of fearing to give accountability. According to Mpuuga, the action by local leaders not willing to meet them is a clear indication that their occupation of public offices is accidental and partisan to the ruling government.

He says that his office will direct accountability committees of parliament to return and investigate whether the local leaders were not running away from accountability queries.

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When contacted, Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, Kabale Municipality mayor says that there is no way how he could meet such people without clearance from the office of the Resident District Commissioner who heads security in the district. 

Alex Byakatonda, Kabale district communications officer argues that the local leaders were not even aware of the visit by the leaders of the opposition.  Byakatonda also says that many district leaders were already engaged in different assignments in the district.  After kigezi, opposition leaders are expected to head to the Ankole region.


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