Kabale University Offers Scholarships to Female Science Teachers

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Kabale University's Faculty of Science has announced the availability of scholarship programs for women.
Kennedy Rwabona, the University Secretary, said the aim of the scholarship is to encourage more women to engage in the teaching of science subjects at secondary school education. Addressing a news conference at the International Banyakigezi Conference currently taking place in Kabale town, Rwabona said scholarships are available to all women with diplomas in education or with the basic minimum admission requirements.
The scholarship program, administered through the National Council for Science and Technology, has been open for the past three years. So far 150 Grade Five female teachers have benefited from it.
Rwabona said that despite this large number, it is insufficient to meet the need for female science teachers around the country.
President Yoweri Museveni's government has made teaching of science subjects at secondary school a major priority of its education policy. This year it presented the first national awards to the best science teachers around the country and in October the State Minister for Higher Education, Mwesigwa Rukutana, revealed that government plans to pay the salaries of science subject teachers in private secondary schools.