Kabarole Withholds UGX 61m Youth Funds

According to the Kabarole District L.C.V chairman, Richard Rwabuhinga, they have resolved to withhold the funds until Aliganyira’s actions are investigated.
03 May 2019 07:31
The Kabarole District L.C.V chairman, Richard Rwabuhinga, says he has rejected the disbursement of the money because the youth chairman, Chris Aliganyira, did the business plan alone on top of forging a number of signatures.

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Kabarole district authorities have refused to release 61.5 million shillings to the youth executive citing poor leadership.  The money was rent fees from the youth centre.

In 2016, Kabarole district local government resolved to rent out the Youth Center at Nyabukara ward in West Division, Fort Portal Municipality to Kampala International University - KIU at 1.5 million shillings each month.   

KIU has been using the centre to train medical students doing internship at Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital.  

The rent fee was deposited on a fixed deposit account in Stanbic bank where it accumulated to 61.5 million shillings.     

After the tenancy agreement expired, the district youth chairperson, Chris Aliganyira, wrote a proposal and a budget to the District LC5 Chairperson, Richard Rwabuhinga on how the money should be put to use.     

However, Rwabuhinga says that Aliganyira drafted the budget without involving members of executive.     

He also notes that Aliganyira has been making requisitions of money to the Chief Administrative Officer-CAO, Phiona Sanyu, with forged signatures of his executive members, and has never organised a youth council meeting for three years.     

Rwabuhinga says that they have decided to withhold the funds until Aliganyira’s actions are investigated. 

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Last month, Sanyu wrote to Aliganyira tasking him to account for 5 million shillings that was given to him to monitor youth projects.     

In the letter, Sanyu suspected that Aliganyira had misused the money and gave him up to 30 April to have given full accountability or he faces the law.    

Margaret Kabajwara and Timothy Ruwhweza, the Female and Male Youth councillors respectively accused Aliganyira of forging their signatures to make a requisition of 1.1 million shillings to monitor Youth Livelihood programmes in the district. 

Efforts to get a comment from Aliganyira have been futile.

However, the Kabarole Youth Finance Secretary, Fred Mwaka, says they plan to hold an executive meeting on the matter.