Kahendero Primary School in Appalling State

Kahendero primary which has an enrolment of over 210 learners may not be able to handle this number once all classes fully resume according to the school administrators.
This structure hosts primary five pupils at Kahendero primary school in Kasese

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Teachers and leaders in Muhokya Sub County, Kasese District have raised concern about the poor state of Kahendero Primary School.

The school is located in Queen Elizabeth national park adjacent to the Kahendero landing site on Lake George.  The available classroom structures are dilapidated, there are inadequate latrines which are shared by teachers and pupils. The classrooms don’t have windows and there is an acute shortage of furniture.

The school has an enrollment of over 210 learners, but may not be able to handle this number once all classes fully resume.

Lydia Nyakato, the school headteacher, says the appalling state of the school is a big set back to their efforts of providing learning to a community that treats schooling as an option.

Nyakato says the walls of the classrooms have given way and they can no longer handle learning activities.

//Cue in: “If we are to open… 

Cue out: ….to survive there.”//

When the school latrine got filed up, both teachers and learners were answering nature's call in the open. In 2018, UNICEF donated a latrine to cater for the girls, but due to the absence of alternatives, Nyakato says the facility is now being used by all the learners and their teachers. 

//Cue in: “That latrine was…. 

Cue out: …. for the girl child.”//

The headteacher was advised by the district education officer George Mainja to liaise with school parents to mobilize resources for a latrine. However these efforts were resisted by parents who argue that its government’s mandate to cater for the school.

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Cue out: … break that wall.”//

Edward Komwiswa one of the parents however says most parents like him don't have money to support school developments.  Komwiswa argues that they pay between 20,000-29,000 shillings each term and he believes that money can be enough to construct a latrine for learners.

Oliver Masika one of the candidates say the environment is inconveniencing for girls.

Earlier the DEO said that several schools that need improvement in structures were submitted to the government for consideration, but they are yet to get a response.