Kalangala Islanders Get Condoms Ahead of Festive Season

Islanders in Kalangala District have received 23,040 male condoms and 2000 female condoms from Family Rescue Initiative Uganda (FRI-U) just in time for the festive season

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Since Covid-19 struck the country in March leading to a lockdown, thousands of Islanders in the Kalangala archipelago have been suffering and exposed to risks of disease and unplanned pregnancy, due to lack of condoms.

But now relief has come and just in time for the festive season to be enjoyed without anxiety, as the district receives 23,040 male condoms and 20,00 female condoms from Family Rescue Initiative Uganda (FRI-U) just in time for the festive season.

Recenttly, residents in Kalangala landing sites cried out to health officials for rescue on shortage of condoms in different landing sites. 

Kalangala District Forum of People Living with HIV/AIDs promised to solicit and deliver condoms to refill the condom dispensers in the different landing sites of Kalangala Island District. 

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..eri abantu abazeetaaga"..cue out//

FRI-U is a non-profit activist organisation of people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda whose aim is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDs in communities.

Nina Mwesigwa from FRI-U says in partnership with Ministry of Works and Transport, they are immediately to supply condoms on Four landing sites across Uganda. 

"We selected Misonzi in Kalangala District Bufumira Sub-County in Kyamuswa county as our model landing site and we hope to enhance funding to supply more condoms to other landing sites," Nina adds. 

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..Misonzi in particular "..cue out//

Despite the supply of 2000 female condoms, however, majority of women don't embrace their use. 

Nina says they have oriented women and sex workers on how to use the female condoms purposely for protection of their lives. 

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..specifically the condoms"..cue out// 

Kalangala Islands District has a Population of approximately 600,000 people who depend on Fishing and Farming for their survival. 

The HIV/AIDs prevalence rate stands at 32% higher than the national prevalence rate of 6%. 

This is so because the level of prostitution in Islands is high indicating that condoms are on high demand in Kalangala District.  

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