Kalangala MP Blamed for Decline in District Revenue

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Kalangala district council has accused the kyamuswa county Member of Parliament, Moses Kabusu, for the decline in the district revenue earnings.
During a council meeting held on Friday, the councillors noted that there was a sharp decline in the revenue generated from fishing activities in the district last year compared to the previous years.
According to Prossy Nakitende, the district finance committee chairman, Kalangala district raised only 68 out of the projected 180 million shillings from the fishing sector.
The fishermen in Kalangala are expected to pay an environmental Tax, a monthly boat tax of 10,000 shillings and market dues.
But in May 2007, the Kyamuswa county MP described the taxes levied on the fishermen as illegal. He said the taxes were outlawed by the government and ordered the fishermen to stop paying the taxes.
In addition, Kabusu asked the fishermen to evade the tax on grounds that the method of collection is inhuman. He said that several fishermen have been harassed by the beach management enforcement personnel who were given the task to collect the taxes.
Nakitende told council that because of Kabusu's directive, it has been difficult to enforce compliance, prompting a sharp decline in revenue earnings.
The Kalangala District Chairperson, Daniel Kikoola, says the District has urged the local government ministry to intervene and verify whether or not the fishermen should pay the boat tax, and the market dues.
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