Karamoja Mourns Emeritus Bishop Henry Ssentongo

Fr. Paul Ngole, the Vicar general of Moroto Catholic Diocese says the death of Emeritus Bishop Sentogo is a big loss to the diocese.

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Moroto Diocese is mourning the death of Emeritus Bishop Henry Ssentongo.

Bishop Ssentongo died on Wednesday at Nsambya hospital in Kampala after a long illness. 

Fr. Paul Ngole, the Vicar general of Moroto Catholic Diocese says the death of Emeritus Bishop Ssentongo is a big loss to the diocese.

He said the diocese has lost a counsel, father and a spiritual leader who loved people of Karamoja so much.

Fr. Ngole said the diocese remembers the late emeritus for his role in peace building in Karamoja during ethnic violence and the peak of violence in Karamoja.

Emeritus Bishop Ssentongo is also remembered for encouraging the warriors to disarm as process of peace building.

//Cue in; “Being a Sheppard of the diocese…

Cue out: …face for Bishop Ssentongo frowning.”//

The late Bishop Ssentongo is also remembered for promoting education in Karamoja. He sponsored priests, the religious and students’ education up to higher institutions of learning and universities on his personal initiative.  

Rev. Joseph Icumar, the Parish Priest of Matheniko Rural Churches in the Anglican Church said the Bishop Emeritus’s death is a blow to Karamoja.

He described the late as an upright man, a man of integrity and true to the gospel.

Rev. Icumar said his played a key role in peace building through the religious organization, Moroto -Nakapipirit religious Leaders Initiative for Peace MONARIP in the 1980s until the Karimojong warriors embrace peace.

Joseph Lojok a Christian says the late Emeritus Bishop was a gift from God to Karamoja.  He said he loved people regardless of their status and was a down to earth.

He also said the Bishop was a unity figure in Karamoja adding that he united the different tribes within Karamoja as a religious leader.

Rtd. Rev. Robert Lorech of Karamoja North Diocese said the late Bishop was a free and friendly man. He recalled that the late worked with him in Moroto in translation of the bible from English to Ngakarimojong language.

Bishop James Nasak of North Karamoja diocese said the late bishop loved ecumenism. “I am shocked about his death. I knew him as a true man of God. He loved Ecumenism, “said Bishop Nasak on phone.   He preached about love for all people and he encouraged us to stop tribal divisions. He will always be with us.

For his efforts in uniting the people in Karamoja, he was named ‘Apaloriaman’ – meaning a Sheppard.

The Bishop Emeritus served as the Third Bishop of Karamoja Catholic Diocese from 1992 to 2014 when he retired. He was ordained Bishop on 11 July, 1992 and retired on 20 February, 2014.

A requiem mass will be said at Regina – Mundi in Moroto Catholic Diocese. According to Fr. Ngole, the bishop will be laid to rest in Bukalasa cemetery on Monday.


He died at the age of 83.