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Karamoja Protest New Ministerial Appointments :: Uganda Radionetwork

Karamoja Protest New Ministerial Appointments

Simon Nangiro, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC coordinator Karamoja region asked Museveni to stop what he called exporting Ministers to Karamoja. Nangiro argues that the Karamojong also have brains to enable them perform as full cabinet ministers.
A section of Members of Parliament hailing from Karamoja want a Minister from the region appointed.

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 Legislators from Karamoja region have asked president, Yoweri Museveni to consider appointing one of their own as Karamoja Affairs Minister. They include Simon Peter Aleper, the Moroto Municipality Member of Parliament, Achia Remigio, Pian County, Christine Nakwang Tubo, Kaabong Woman MP, Esther Anyakun Davinia, Nakapiripirit Woman MP, Kotido Woman MP Margaret Aleper Achilla, IK County MP Hillary Lokwang and Moroto County MP, Fred Angella. 

On Monday, president Museveni announced a new cabinet. He appointed former Works Minister John Byabagambi and Moses Kizige as Karamoja Affairs Minister and State Minister for Karamoja respectively. They replace first lady Janet Museveni and Barbara Oundo Nekesa. However, the appointments have not gone down well with legislators, local leaders and people from Karamoja region.

They want Museveni to rescind the appointments and appoint people from their region who are familiar with the problems of Karamoja. Albert Lokoru, the Dodoth West County MP, says Karamoja has not had a full cabinet minister for the last thirty the NRM government has been in power despite the overwhelming support from the region.

He wants Museveni to appoint a cabinet minister from their region to enable them participate in making decisions that affect their country and wellbeing of the people in the region. Achia Remigio, the Pian county MP, says president's appointments make it hard for legislators from the region to mobilise for the party.

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Simon Peter Aleper, the Moroto Municipality MP, says the appointment of a minister from the region will bring about commitment on the well-being of the region. 

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Simon Nangiro, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC coordinator Karamoja region, ask Museveni to stop exporting Ministers to Karamoja, saying they also have brains that can work as full cabinet ministers.

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John Baptist Lote, the Katikeikile Sub County LC 5 councilor says Museveni should have appointed a person from the region given their performance in the Feb 18 elections.

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Lote asks Museveni to ensure he rewards the efforts of the Karimojong who ensured that the NRM party sustains its electoral fortunes in the region. Stella Munyes, a business woman in Moroto says the appointment of none Karamojongs to head them doesn't augur well.

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