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Karamojong Warriors Handover 16 Guns :: Uganda Radionetwork

Karamojong Warriors Handover 16 Guns

Maj Isaac Oware, the UPDF 3rd Division Spokesperson told URN that the forces have witnessed a number of guns recovered both forcefully and voluntarily handed over in the month of January.
Some of the reformed warriors who voluntarily surrendered their guns to the forces

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Sixteen guns were last month voluntarily handed over by Karamojong cattle rustlers. 

According to the forces, they recovered 16 firearms and 93 live rounds of ammunition with Moroto leading with five followed by Karenga and Kaabong districts. 

The successful recoveries have been attributed to the continued security community engagement to embrace voluntary approach to disarmament operations leading to the existing presidential Amnesty window.

Maj Isaac Oware, the UPDF 3rd Division Spokesperson told URN that the forces have witnessed a number of guns recovered both forcefully and voluntarily handed over in the month of January.

Oware said that every reformed warrior who surrenders a gun has been awarded with the disarmament certificate to enable them to benefit from government empowerment programs.

Oware also noted that they also managed to recover over 150 heads of cattle and 142 goats and sheep which have been handed over to the rightful owners in Abim district.

He said that they have also seen a change in attitude as some local leaders denounce criminality and cooperate with security forces to secure peace for the region.

Oware added that the forces shall continue with operations targeting the profiled hardcore criminals who are still in the wilderness.

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James Akol, one of the reformed warriors from Rupa Sub County said that he used 6 cows for buying a gun from Turkana because he wanted to protect his kraal that was frequently attacked by Jie and Tepeth armed warriors.

Akol noted that despite the protection purpose, he was never at peace because he could get suspicious each time he met with the security forces.

He revealed that the situation was made worse when he heard that the security forces are planning to conduct an operation within his village.

Akol said that he has surrendered his gun so that he can freely associate with people but appealed to the government to consider getting for him something that will bring income to his family. 

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Clementina Lochoro, the LCV Councilor for Lotisan Sub County in Moroto district noted that they have been engaging the warriors in every peace dialogues, pleading with them to embrace the voluntary disarmament instead of waiting for the forceful operations. 

She also revealed that some warriors are hesitant to surrender their guns for fear of being arrested by the security forces but as a leader, she is trying everything possible to allay the worries.

Lochoro added that some warriors are feeling the operational pressure by the security forces and majority are using the Amnesty window to surrender their guns before falling into the trap of the operation.

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Emmanuel Loiki, the LCV Councilor representing Rupa sub county in Moroto district urged the security forces to consider awarding disarmament cards to the reformed warriors who voluntarily handover their guns to avoid disturbance in the ongoing operations.

Loiki noted that several reformed warriors have fallen victims of arrests during cordon and search operations even when they voluntarily surrendered their illegal firearms.

He said that the cards would guarantee the reformed warriors freedom to enjoy the benefits of embracing voluntary disarmament.

Loiki also appealed to the security forces to protect the properties of the people who hand over their guns because most of them tend to lose their animals to armed warriors.

He reiterated his commitment to work closely with security by sharing the information and ensuring that the criminals are apprehended.

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Currently, the region is experiencing relative peace and a total of 1,106 guns have been recovered from the hands of Karamojong armed warriors since July 2021 when the Usalama Kwa Wote operations were launched.