Kasese COVID-19 Taskforce Delivers Relief Food to Muslims

Kasese RDC in the middle delivers the relief to the kasese muslim leaders on friday

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The COVID-19 taskforce in Kasese District has donated relief food items to the Muslim Community to facilitate them during the holly month of Ramadhan.

Kasese District has over 115,000 Muslim believers.

The items donated on Friday include; 500Kgs of rice, 500kg of maize flour, 150kgs of maize flour and 50 bunches of Matooke.

Lt. Joe Walusimbi, the taskforce chairperson says they acknowledge the tough times many Muslim families are going through to adhere to the fasting period.  He urged that they found it very paramount to single out Muslims as a group that needed some aid during the lockdown period.


//Cue in: … “Tulese kili bitano… 

Cue out:…nafe kwetusobode okubawa."//

Sheikh Abdu Akim Juma Kilarira, the Kasese District Khadi welcomed the gesture as a sign of relief to many families that are still struggling to get what to eat during the Ramadhan period. He however called on all well-wishers for continued support of the Muslim community.

Sheikh Juma says most of their usual donors from both Uganda and Arab countries have been unable to extend relief since they are also struggling to handling the COVID-19 situations.

//Cue in: “We shall distribute…

Cue out: …to this lockdown.”// He observed that although many Muslims are going through a tough Ramadhan season, he encouraged them to remember the principle of perseverance as taught in their faith. 

//Cue in: “The lockdown is… 

Cue out: …and let’s wait.”// 

Shifah Masiika, a resident in Kasese who was forced to miss one of the fasting days because she was not sure sure of where to get food wants government to try and support the Muslim community especially mothers during this lockdown.

//Cue in: "Like all others...

Cue out:..that would be okay."//

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