Kasese District Leaders Pay Tribute to Ezron Bwambale

Local leaders, both present and former all heaped praises on the deceased describing him as a pillar of unity who supported the health and education sector in the district.
Kasese District Leaders Pay Last Respects To the Remains of Bwambale Ezironi

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Kasese District leaders have paid tribute to the late Deputy Minister of Culture and Community Development in Obote I regime Bwambale Ezron Mbethe.  

Mbethe died on January 5 at Kagando hospital in Kasese after spending a couple of years bedridden. 

During a special council sitting held on Friday, Jolly Kateba, the Lake Katwe, and Katwe female district councilor moved a motion to pay tribute to Bwamable who was the first Mukhonzo Minister.

Local leaders, both present and former all heaped praises on the deceased describing him as a pillar of unity who supported the health and education sector in the district. 


The Kasese LCV Chairperson Eliphazi Muhindi Bukombi says that they resolved to name a proposed market in Kinyamaseka town council after Mbethe.  He also said that one of the roads in the district will be named after the deceased Bwambale in recognition of his works in Bukonzo.

 Muhindi hailed Bwambale as a dedicated man that focused greatly on extending services to his people while he served in government.

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Grevasious  Bwambale representing workers in Kasese District Council described the former leader as a selfless and visionary leader. He asked the leaders in the region to emulate his attributes.   

Bwamable also called leaders in the district to compel the government to revamp Mubuku Irrigation Scheme in memory of Mbethe.

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The Busongora South MP, Gideon Mujungu Thembo describes the late as a visionary leader who supported the development of many ventures including Kagando Hospital that remains significant to the community.  

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Barnabus Bamusede Bwambale, the Chairperson Kasese District Council of Elder Persons described the late Bwambale as a hero who sacrificed a lot to attain education and later to became an inspiration to many Bakhonzo families who had neglected educating their children.   

He described him as a great statesman who always stood up against colonial oppression and sacrificed a lot to become who he was.

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Mbethe was born December 29, 1929 in Kasesa village Ihandiro Sub County, Busongora County in the then Tooro Kingdom, the late Bwambale grew to become the first Mukhonzo minister in Government.

After his primary, junior, secondary, and college studies that he completed from Kasese, Kabarole, and Mukono districts respectively, he then became an active member of the cooperative movement in the 1950s. 

Later in 1961, he was an interim Member of Parliament for Tooro South on the Democratic party-DP ticket, a party led by then the late Benedicto Kiwanuka.

In 1961 Bwambale was among the 110 Ugandans who participated in the September 16 constitutional conference at the Lancaster House in London, that ushered in Uganda’s independence.

Disagreeing with the principle of having the Kabaka as the head of state and Mengo the electoral college for the entire country proposed by the Kabaka Yekka-YK representatives, Bwambale and a group of other DP members joined UPC.  He was subsequently appointed a deputy minister of culture and community development in the Obote 1 government.

His life was nearly cut short when attacked by Rwenzururu freedom fighters in the Rwenzori mountains of Katanda accusing him of opposing minority groups from fighting for autonomy from Tooro.

Bwambale was beaten to near death and was picked up by the police air force and taken to Kampala for treatment.

His political journey however ran down after Idi Amin, ousted Obote’s government on 25th January 1971.  In one incident Bwambale is reported to have survived Amin’s men after falling into their ambush in Katunguru.

At gunpoint with a colleague, Bwamabale a re-known swimmer in his childhood jumped into the Kanzinga channel and escaped.

He was later hidden by Basongora pastoralists in Nyakatonzi and later ran to DRC and later returned home to advocate for community development.

While Uganda celebrated its 54th Independence journey, Bwambale was recognized by President Museveni and decorated with a medal in recognition for his contribution to the Country.

He has since been bedridden and living a simple life in Kinyamaseke Town Council under the care of his wife and children most of whom are living abroad.

Late Bwambale is recognized for pioneering the creation of Kagando Hospital and inviting Dr. Carl Baker to come and serve in the hospital.

He was also the brain behind the establishment of the National Union of Youth Organization a training centre in Maliba Sub County.  The deceased is also recalled for lobbying for the establishment of the Mubuku settlement Irrigation scheme in 1964 and the creation of Kasese’s oldest surviving cooperative-Nyakayonzi Cooperative Society among others.

Bwambale is survived by 17 children.