Kasese District Offers Food Aid to Mothers, Boda Boda Riders Because of Lockdown

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The Kasese LC V vice chairperson Gideon Ntabose says that as local government they must be responsible in ensuring that the residents in the district survive through this period.
The busy streets of Kasese are silent as lock-down starts

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 Kasese District local government has distributed over 200 bunches of bananas to selected residents because of the going nationwide lock down. 

President, Yoweri Museveni announced a nationwide lockdown on Wednesday last week to stem the spread of corona virus. The lock down has rendered several people jobless.  

As part of the measures to support residents, Kasese district has distributed over 200 bunches of matooke to selected beneficiaries.  

The bananas were distributed to beneficiaries in Nyakasanga, Kizungu, Acholi and railways quarters and town center.  

Kasese LC V Vice Chairperson, Gideon Ntabose, says it is their responsibility as a local government to ensure that residents survive this trying time. 

He says the first batch of the food relief was distributed to the struggling Boda boda cyclists and mothers who have been restricted from working in the weekly markets.    

“We understand the impact of this lock-down to the hand to mouth population and we had to came in and offer them some food to survive on,” Ntabose said 

The bananas were harvested from the government demonstration farm in Karusandara Sub County.  

Fizal Bagumira, one of the beneficiaries also wants government to come to their aid by providing food relief to families that are most affected by the lock-down. 

He says the lockdown will strain the bread winners of families more.

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Alice Nankungu, a single mother of three, says the food relief will go a long way in ensuring that her children have something to eat for at least a week.

"I have a small garden of beans; this relief will help me use the little money I have to buy a few other essentials for my children," Nankungu notes.

Kasese police has been battling with market vendors and Boda boda riders since the presidential ban on gatherings and public transport.

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