Kasese FDC Leaders Demand Clarity on Release of Royal Guards

But Saulo Maate the FDC chairperson says it’s unfortunate that both kingdom officials and government have remained tight-lipped on issues surrounding the release the royal guards.
The FDC leader says Kasese people are losing hope that the arrested Rwenzururu royal guards will be released

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The Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party Chairperson in Kasese District has asked the government to come out clearly and explain when the arrested royal guards will be released.

He also demands that the reported discussions between the government and the kingdom be made known to the kingdom subjects.

More than 100 royal guards and Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere were arrested after the army raided the Kingdom’s royal palace in Kasese town in 2016.

Last month, Kule Muranga the Kingdom Prime Minister said that the kingdom was set to receive a first batch of the arrested royal guards.

But Saulo Maate the FDC chairperson says it is unfortunate that both kingdom officials and government have remained tight-lipped on the release of the royal guards.  He explains that relatives of the royal guards have a right to know when their people will regain their freedom.

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Maate also accuses both government and the officials of the kingdom of not participating and compensating the families of royal guards who died while in prison.

 He says they were informed last week that one of the arrested royal guards Sunday Bagenda died from Kirinya government prison in Jinja District.

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Bigogo Sibendire the Kasese LCV Chairperson says that the government and the kingdom officials have been reluctant to brief the subjects on the on-going talks.

//Government is always… 

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Zedeo Kule a resident of Rukoki says that the failure by the Kingdom to demand justice is an indicator that it’s playing to the demands of the government.

But Muranga says leaders and subjects of the Kingdom must trust the institution that it’s headed in a good direction on the matter.

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