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Kasese Police Bans Tinted Commuter Taxis :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kasese Police Bans Tinted Commuter Taxis

Rwenzori East Regional Traffic Police Officer, Mulumba Okwir criminals are using tinted vehicles to connive with criminals.

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Police in Kasese district has banned taxi and special hire drivers from driving tinted vehicles. 

The directive was issued by Rwenzori East Regional Traffic Officer, Mulumba Okwir, on Wednesday during a meeting with taxi drivers in Kasese town. 

According to Okwir, tinted vehicles are being used to rob passengers and smuggle items into the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.

//Cue in: "A driver without…"

Cue out: "…go and remove it."//

Okwir also ordered all passenger service vehicles to clearly mark all their vehicles with the blue strip so as to differentiate them from private vehicles.

However, there are mixed reactions to the directive.

Hassan Ozo, a driver says that the ban is unfair. He explains that most of the cars they buy are tinted and it's expensive to remove the tint. He says that the police should instead target the car manufactures and not drivers. 

//Cue in: "Opinion eyo…."

Cue out: "…akikolha athi".//


“It is us drivers from Bwera that can tell you our opinion about this ban on vehicles with tinted glasses especially Noah Cars. But I can tell you that the RTO will not manage because some vehicles are imported from Japan with the tinted glasses. Yes, we have not asked him but what he expects us to do; but I know that directive won't work”.

However, Joseph Bwambale, another driver says that the ban on tinted cars is overdue.

//Cue in: "Ekyokugoba tinti…"

Cue out: "…Kyo kituufu."//

Abitsi Bogere, a driver who plies the Mbarara-Kasese route wants the police to also crack down on drivers that drive under the influence of alcohol. 

//Cue in: "Bwokwata driver…"

Cue out: "…bali bamairungi."//

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