Katikamu North MP, LCIII Chairperson Disagree on Eviction of Traders in Luwero Town Council

But Denes Sekabira the Katikamu North Member of Parliament says that the resolution by the town council to evict vendors was brought in bad faith as the residents struggle to find alternative ways of survival.
25 Jun 2021 14:18
File Photo; Denes Sekabira the Katikamu North MP

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A disagreement has emerged between Katikamu North Member of Parliament and the Luwero town council leadership over the planned eviction of vendors in markets.

Recently Luwero town clerk Irene Nakamatte issued a notice ordering all traders who were working in the weekly farmers’ market located in Binyonyi zone to vacate the roadsides and relocate to Kiyenje zone effective next month. 

Nakamatte also ordered for closure of Kasana PIIDA roadside market and another newly created market by Muslims at land belonging to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

Nakamatte ordered vendors to relocate to Kasana, Kiyenje and Luwero Central Markets.

But Denis Sekabira the Katikamu North Member of Parliament says that the notices to evict vendors were brought in bad faith as the residents struggle to find alternative ways of survival.

Sekabira wants the town council to help the vendors develop the newly created markets rather than threatening to evict them with force.

He has warned the LCIII Chairperson of Luwero town Chris Buwembo against backing unpopular council resolutions without considering the impact on the poor who are struggling to survive in the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sekabira has vowed to side with the vendors to block the evictions saying they are unfair.

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Moses Kafeero the Kalongomiti parish councillor at Luwero town council also accused the town council of implementing resolutions without consulting councillors. He also backed Sekabira to fight against the planned evictions.

Kafeero says that each parish should be allowed to set up a market to create wealth and jobs.

Suleiman Lukoda a vendor says that the newly set up markets aim at bringing services closer to the people and the town council shouldn't frustrate efforts that benefit its residents.

But Buwembo says that the orders are intended to restore order and they can’t look on as residents erect market stalls everywhere. Buwembo says that the town council has a physical plan which indicates where markets should be located and they won't accept any residents to erect stalls outside the gazetted areas.

Buwembo also accused Sekabira of interfering in the council’s resolutions and inciting vendors to defy the relocations.

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Both Buwembo and Sekabira campaigned for each other and were elected on National Unity Platform tickets.         

The matter of evicting vendors has since been referred to Resident District Commissioner Rose Birungi and LCV Chairman Erastus Kibirango for further discussion.

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